James Little Eliminated in 123rd Place by Dave Peay

Jan 30, 2019

After a flop of Diamond JHeart 10Spade 2, Dave Peay bets 20,000 from the big blind, Katie Stone raises from middle position to 50,000, and James Little moves all in from middle position for 96,000. Peay calls, and Stone folds, claiming she let go of pocket kings.

Little shows Heart ADiamond A for an overpair, but Peay turns over Heart JSpade 10 for top two pair, jacks and tens. Little needs to improve to stay alive.

The turn card is the Club 4, the river card is the Club 10, and Peay wins the pot with a full house, tens full of jacks, to eliminate Little in 123rd place.

Dave Peay  –  1,200,000  (150 bb)
Katie Stone  –  115,000  (14 bb)
James Little  –  Eliminated in 123rd Place  ($6,742)

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