James Maxey Doubles Thru Wilson Tolon

Apr 17, 2017

James Maxey

James Maxey (pictured) completes on the small blind, and Wilson Tolon raises to 250,000 on the big blind. Maxey calls, and the flop falls Spade 6Spade 5Heart 4. Maxey ends up all in for 1,575,000, and Tolon has him covered. The two players then table their hands.

Maxey: Spade KSpade 10
Tolon: Heart 6Diamond 6

Turn and River: Spade QSpade J

Maxey hits his flush draw to double up and survive with 3,370,000, and Tolon holds 4.4 million after the hand.

Jame Maxey – 3,370,000 (28 bb)
Wilson Tolon – 4,400,000 (36 bb)

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