James Mitchell Eliminated in 4th Place ($18,895)

Aug 28, 2017

James Mitchell

James Mitchell (pictured) raises to 110,000 from under the gun and Tony Piscitelli defends his big blind. The flop is Jc7h2c and Piscitelli checks. Mitchell bets 275,000 and Piscitelli calls.

The turn is the 4d and Piscitelli checks. Mitchell bets 350,000 and Piscitelli doesn’t waste a ton of time before moving all in for effectively Mitchell’s remaining 1,150,000. Piscitelli immediately stands up from his seat and takes a sip of his water while staring down at his own stack. Mitchell takes another couple minutes in the tank before Piscitelli breaks his silence.

“You just have pocket queens?” asks Piscitelli. “I’ve got better than that.”

Mitchell takes another minute or so before another player at the table calls the clock on him. The tournament staff comes over and starts his 30-second clock. Mitchell waits a few seconds into the clock call and then calls.

“You got a jack?” asks Piscitelli.

“I’ve got better than a jack,” says Mitchell.

Mitchell shows AdAs and has to dodge a few cards in the deck against Piscitelli’s Ac4c. Mitchell asks the dealer for “no club,” but the 4h comes on the end, giving Piscitelli trip fours and the best hand. Mitchell is eliminated in fourth place for $18,895 and Piscitelli takes a massive chip lead into three-handed play.

Tony Piscitelli – 4,400,000
James Mitchell – Eliminated

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