Jaouad Abida Doubles Through Francois Tosques

Sep 30, 2018

Jaouad Abida

Francois Tosques limps in and Jaouad Abida checks his option. On the Spade 8Diamond 4Heart 3 flop, Abida checks and calls a bet of 100,000 before the Heart 7 on the turn goes check, check.

Abida simply moves all in after the Spade 9 river and Tosques seems courios, indeed calls after just short consideration. Abida shows Spade 10Spade 6 for the ten-high straight and Tosques flips over Heart 9Heart 4 for nines and fours.

Francois Tosques – 7,250,000 (72bb)
Jaouad Abida – 5,650,000 (56bb)

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