Jaouad Abida Eliminated in 2nd Place (700,000 MAD / €63,988)

Sep 30, 2018

Jaouad Abida

Jaouad Abida folds the very next hand after the big clash to a jam and has fewer than one million chips remaining, then moves all in the next hand to pick up a call from Francois Tosques

Jaouad Abida: Club ADiamond 10
Francois Tosques: Heart KSpade 8

The shouting for each respective’s cards comes from both sides of the table and the French rail erupts when the Club 9Heart 8Heart 5 flop gives Tosques a pair of eights. Nothing changes with the Heart 4 turn and the Diamond K river further improves Tosques to kings and eights, eliminating Abida in 2nd place and ending the tournament.

A recap of today’s action is to follow!

Jaouad Abida – Eliminated in 2nd place (700,000 MAD / €63,988)

Jaouad Abida

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