Jaouad Abida Takes Lead For a Minute; Francois Tosques Scores Masssive Double

Sep 30, 2018

With sheer aggression and premium hands, Jaouad Abida pulls into the lead at the end of the level and wins a bigger pot with Club KSpade K on a board of Club ASpade QClub JSpade 3Diamond 6 flop to let the Moroccan rail celebrate.

The blinds then move up to 75,000/150,000 and big blind ante of 150,000. In one of the first few hands of the new level, Francois Tosques limps in and Abida raises to 350,000, Tosques calls. The flop brings Diamond JDiamond 8Club 4 and Abida bets 400,000, Tosques makes the call.

After the Heart 5 turn, Abida fires a second barrel worth 750,000 and Tosques calls once more to see the Diamond 6 on the river. In Arabian, Abida announces all in and Tosques snap-calls, rolls over his Diamond 10Diamond 2 for the flush already.

Abida has Spade 8Spade 7 for the straight and is left with around 1 million in chips once he pays off the 4,275,000 of Tosques.

Francois Tosques – 11,900,000 (95bb)
Jaouad Abida – 1,000,000 (8bb)

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