Jared Hamby Misclicks Into Pocket Aces

Aug 25, 2014

After everyone folds to Jared Hamby on the button, he grabs a couple chips to raise, and after his hand crosses the betting line, he realizes he grabbed red (500) chips instead of the purple (100) chips.

The dealer tells Hamby that he is committed to bet those chips, so with the blinds at 75-150, Hamby raises to 1,550 instead of the 350 that he planned.

The small blind checks his cards and reraises to 3,075. The big blind folds, and Hamby calls.

The flop brings three spades — [10s9s5s]. The small blind bets 1,500, and Hamby says, "I actually have a good hand," as he folds. The small blind shows [AcAh], and he says it was a good spot for him since it looked like he may have just been taking advantage of Hamby’s betting error. But Hamby escaped without too much harm.

Jared Hamby  –  32,000  (213 bb)

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