Jason Mann Busts a Player

Aug 24, 2014

Four players limp into the pot, including Ali Eslami and Ray Qartomy, before Jason Mann raises to 1,000 from the button.  The initial limper then reraises, making it 3,150 to play.  Action folds back around to Mann, who takes a minute or so before four-betting to 8,500 total.  The other player calls.

The flop comes [9s7c5h] and the early position player bets 12,500. Mann takes little time before raising to 22,000, which is enough to put the other player all-in.  Mann’s opponent calls, showing [JhJs].

Mann is out front with [AdAh] and stays there, as the turn brings the [9h] and the river the [8c].

Qartomy tells Mann his opponent saved him.  "I had pocket fives and was going to call for 1,000," Qartomy tells him.

"Well I am not gonna call with aces if you go crazy after the flop," Mann replies.

"Why? You went crazy with that guy," Qartomy retorts.

Jason Mann – 50,000

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