Jason Mann Eliminated By Andrew Shack

Aug 23, 2014

A short-stacked player is all in for 4,550 in middle position against both Andrew Shack in the hijack and Jason Mann in the cutoff.

The flop comes down [KdJh6h] and Shack checks to Mann who bets 2,500. Shack raises to effectively 26,300-ish and after about 30 seconds Mann calls all in with [8h7h] for a flush draw. Shack tables [9h2h] for a better flush draw, while the short-stacked player leads with [Ad8d for ace high]. The [Ts] turn and [4s] river change nothing, tripling up the short-stacked player with ace high, while Shack’s nine bests Mann’s eight to score the eliminated.

Andrew Shack – 58,000
Jason Mann – Eliminated

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