Jason Wheeler Puts Alberto Stegeman to the Test

Mar 30, 2022

S20 WPTDS Amsterdam

The flop is face-up once coverage arrives, showing Diamond 6Diamond 5Spade 2, and there is around 21,000 in the pot. Alberto Stegeman has a 26,000 bet in front of him and Jason Wheeler has what looks like a check-raise of 125,000.

Stegeman hits the tank but ultimately, he throws in the rest of his chips which total 55,200. Players turn them over and Stegeman is at risk.

Alberto Stegeman: Spade JHeart J
Jason Wheeler: Diamond KDiamond 10

A clean runout of Club 2Heart 6 completes the board and Stegeman fades to pull in a double through Wheeler.

Alberto Stegeman – 136,500 (85 bb)
Jason Wheeler – 95,000 (59 bb)

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