Jean Balsemin Doubles Thru Leon Sturm; Sturm Eliminated

Dec 8, 2022

After a flop of Spade 9Diamond 6Spade 5, Jean Balsemin checks the small blind, Leon Sturm bets 4,300 from the big blind, and Balsemin check-raises to 15,000.

Sturm tanks for a while before he moves all in, and Balsemin snap-calls all in for 55,800 with Spade KClub K.

Sturm turns over Heart AHeart 9 for a pair of nines, and Balsemin needs his kings to hold to stay alive.

The turn card is the Club 6, the river card is the Heart 2, and Balsemin wins the pot with two pair, kings and sixes, to double up in chips.

Jean Balsemin  –  120,000  (75 bb)

Leon Sturm was left with a short stack, and he was eliminated a few minutes later.

Leon Sturm  –  Eliminated

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