Jeff Loiacano Doubles Thru Gie Chung

Aug 27, 2014

Jeff Loiacono raises to 18,000 from the hijack, Keven Stammen calls on the button, Owen Crowe calls from the smal blind, and Gie Chung reraises to 92,000 out of the big blind.

Action moves back to Loiacono, who takes a minute before reraising to 200,000, leaving just under 100,000 behind.  Both Stammen and Crowe fold, while Chung calls.

Chung tables [7c7s], while Loiacono holds [AcAh].  The aces hold as the board runs out [Kc4d2sQcKs] and Loiacono takes the pot to double up.

Jeff Loiacono – 620,000 (78 bb)
Gie Chung – 270,000 (34 bb)

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