Jeff Papola vs. Zo Karim

Sep 16, 2014

The player under the gun raises to 4,200, Jeff Papola calls from the small blind and Zo Karim three-bets to 16,800 from the big blind. Only Papola calls to see the [9c8c7s] flop.

Both check, the [5s] falls on the turn and Papola bets 18,000. Karim calls and both players proceed to check the [Js] river.

Karim shows [AsAc] for a pair of aces. Papola taps the table and flashes [KsKh] for a pair kings, locking up the pot for Karim.

Zo Karim – 184,000 (92 bb)
Jeff Papola – 98,000 (49 bb)

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