Jeff Wang vs. Ray Qartomy

May 6, 2023

Jeff Wang
Photo:  Jeff Wang

Jeff Wang limps under the gun for 1,000, and a middle-position player raises to 3,000. Ray Qartomy calls from the cutoff, and Wang also calls.

The flop comes Heart JSpade 5Club 2, Wang checks, and the middle-position player bets 6,000. Qartomy raises to 13,000, and Wang thinks for a while before he calls. The middle-position player quickly folds.

The turn card is the Spade Q, and both players check.

The river card is the Diamond 3, and Wang bets 25,000. Qartomy folds Diamond AClub J face up for a flopped pair of jacks.

Wang reveals Spade 2Heart 2 for a flopped set of deuces as he takes the pot.

Jeff Wang  –  120,000  (120 bb)
Ray Qartomy  –  138,000  (138 bb)

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