Jeffrey Yanchek Eliminated in 11th Place by Kristen Foxen

May 16, 2022

Jeff Yancheck-9

Jeffrey Yanchek (pictured) raises to 120,000 from under the gun, Kristen Foxen three-bets to 340,000 from the button, Yanchek four-bets all in for about 1,600,000, and Foxen calls.

Yanchek: Spade AHeart Q
Foxen: Diamond ASpade K

The flop comes Heart JDiamond 8Heart 4, keeping Foxen well ahead.

The turn is the Spade Q, vaulting Yanchek into the lead with a pair of queens.

The river is the Diamond K, however, giving Foxen the pot with a pair of kings to eliminate Yanchek in 11th place.

“Thanks for making me $10k,” says short stack Joey Gargiulo to Yanchek before he exits.

Kristen Foxen – 5,100,000 (52 bb)
Jeffrey Yanchek – Eliminated in 11th Place ($38,000)

Jeff Yancheck-11

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