Jennifer Tilly Eliminated by Koray Aldemir

May 20, 2018

Jennifer Tilly

Koray Aldemir opens to 1,100 from middle position and finds calls from the button, Jennifer Tilly (pictured) on the button, and Ray Pulford in the big blind.

The dealer spreads a Spade 9Heart 9Club 7 flop and the action checks through to see the Club 10 land on the turn.

Action checks round to Tilly on the button, and she bets 3,000. Pulford folds, but Aldemir check-raises to 10,000 as the cutoff folds. Tilly responds by moving all in for roughly 31,000. Aldemir instantly calls having Tilly slightly covered.

Tilly: Club JClub 8
Aldemir: Spade 10Diamond 10

With Tilly drawing dead to the Club 9, the river lands the Spade 5 to see Tilly eliminated and Aldemir collect a near double up.

Koray Aldemir – 72,000
Jennifer Tilly – Eliminated

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