Jen's Place: Greatest WPT Female Player - Kathy Liebert

Apr 1, 2007

Many women have played in World Poker Tour tournaments, though they tend to comprise only a small percentage of the field at any given event. The annual WPT Ladies Night tournaments have given even more publicity to those with impressive poker resumes and/or WPT finishes, but it takes a seasoned professional to be regarded as the greatest female player over the course of five WPT seasons.

When Gary and I discussed this column earlier today, I wondered how I could pick just one woman who stood out so strikingly from the rest. Names like Jennifer Harman, Isabelle Mercier, Jennifer Tilly, Mimi Tran, Clonie Gowen, Cyndy Violette, and Joanne “JJ” Liu immediately came to mind, and I thought I may not be able to single out one of them. However, as I began to write and took a minute to check the updates of today

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