Jeremy Joseph Eliminated in 42nd Place by Brandon Guzman

May 7, 2023

With the board showing Spade 6Club 5Spade 4Heart 5, Brandon Guzman moves all in from the small blind, and Jeremy Joseph quickly calls all in from the cutoff for about 600,000.

Thinking he is beat, Guzman says, “Nice hand. I have a straight.”

Joseph pauses for a moment and then asks, “You have a straight?”

Guzman shows Diamond 3Heart 2 for a six-high straight, and Joseph turns over Spade ADiamond A for two pair, aces and fives. Joseph needs an ace or a five on the river to stay alive.

Guzman says, “You called so quickly I thought I was beat.”

The river card is the Diamond 10, and Guzman wins the pot with his straight to eliminate Joseph in 42nd place.

Brandon Guzman  –  2,575,000  (172 bb)
Jeremy Joseph  –  Eliminated in 42nd Place  ($9,600)

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