Jeremy Kottler Doubles Thru Matthew Kolenda

Jan 30, 2019

Matthew Kolenda raises UTG+1 to 18,000, and Jeremy Kottler calls all in from middle position for 11,000. Avdo Djokovic calls the 18,000 from middle position, and A.J. Kelsall calls the 18,000 from the big blind.

There is 56,000 in the main pot, and 21,000 in the side pot. Any additional betting will go to the side pot.

The flop comes Club 6Heart 3Diamond 3, Kelsall checks, and Kolenda bets about 40,000. Djokovic and Kelsall both fold, and Kolenda takes the side pot.

Kottler turns over Heart 9Diamond 9 for two pair, nines and threes, and he’s ahead of Kolenda’s Spade ASpade 9.

The turn card is the Diamond 2, the river card is the Spade K, and Kottler wins the pot with his pocket nines to double up in chips.

Jeremy Kottler  –  56,000  (7 bb)
Matthew Kolenda  –  700,000  (88 bb)

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