Jeremy Kottler vs. Massoud Eskandari

Aug 28, 2014

Jeremy Kottler raises under the gun to 52,000, and Massoud Eskandari calls from the button. The flop comes [9s5d3c], Kottler checks, Eskandari bets 70,000, and Kottler calls.

The turn card pairs the board with the [5s], Kottler checks, Eskandari bets 150,000, and Kottler folds. The river card is the [8h], and both players check.

Kottler shows [8c5c] to win the pot with a full house, fives full of eights, and Eskandari mucks.

Jeremy Kottler  –  3,220,000  (134 bb)
Massoud Eskandari  –  1,360,000  (56 bb)

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