Jeremy Kottler vs. Tyler Kenney

Aug 28, 2014

Jeremy Kottler limps from the small blind for 30,000, and Tyler Kenney checks his option in the big blind. The flop comes [Ks4c2c], Kottler bets 45,000, and Kenney calls.

The turn is the [Qs], Kottler bets 105,000, and Kenney calls. The river card is the [Js], Kottler checks, Kenney bets 145,000, and Kottler calls. Kenney says, "Ace high," and Kottler shows [Ac4h] for a pair of fours to win the pot. Kenney mucks.

Jeremy Kottler  –  4,810,000  (160 bb)
Tyler Kenney  –  835,000  (27 bb)

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