Jesse Martin Busts a Player

Aug 26, 2014

Action folds to the player on the button, who raises to 2,500.  The player in the small blind three-bets to 6,000. Jesse Martin is in the big blind and four-bets to 17,200 total.

The player on the button thinks maybe ten seconds before moving all-in for around 50,000.  The player in the small blind folds and action is back on Martin. With around 70,000 chips behind, he has his opponent covered.  He thinks for around two minutes before calling.

Martin turns over [KsQh] and he trails the other player’s [AhKc].  Big Slick looks good on the [10d9s6c] flop and is still the best hand after the [8s] on the turn. The river brings the [Qc] though, pairing up Martin to give him the pot.

Jesse Martin – 170,000

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