Jesse Sylvia Eliminated by Steven Sarmiento

Jul 12, 2021

Steven Sarmiento

Steven Sarmiento (pictured) raises to 17,000 from middle position, WPT Champions Club member Jesse Sylvia three-bets all in for 55,000 from the small blind, Eric Baldwin four-bets to 115,000 from the big blind and Sarmeiento calls.

The flop is Club 7Club 3Heart 3, Baldwin bets 75,000 and Sarmiento calls.

Both players proceed to check the Club 10 turn and Spade Q river.

Baldwin shows what appears to be Heart KHeart Q, but he mucks quickly when Sarmiento turns over Club KDiamond K for kings and threes. Sylvia’s Diamond 9Diamond 8 is no match and he is eliminated.

Steven Sarmiento – 895,000 (112 bb)
Eric Baldwin – 600,000 (75 bb)
Jesse Sylvia – Eliminated

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