Jessica Richards Eliminated in a Tie for 9th Place by Ashley Sleeth

Dec 7, 2023

Ashley Sleeth and Jessica Richards
Photo:  Ashley Sleeth (left) turns over her pocket eights to win the biggest pot of the day with a set, eliminating Jessica Richards (right) in a tie for ninth place.

With the board showing Heart JDiamond 8Spade 6Diamond 2 on the turn, Jessica Richards checks from the small blind, Ashley Sleeth bets 375,000, and Richards calls.

The river card is the Spade Q, Richards checks, and Sleeth moves all in for 740,000. Richards counts out her own stack to see she has the exact same amount.

“I also have 740,000,” says Richards.

Richards tanks for a while, and during this tank, an all-in situation quietly begins at the next table that nobody here seems to notice.

Eventually Richards calls all in for 740,000 with Heart 10Diamond 10.

But Sleeth turns over Spade 8Heart 8 to win the pot with a flopped set of eights, eliminating Richards at almost the exact same time that Anastasia Knapp is eliminated at the other table, and they both tie for ninth place.

Ashley Sleeth  –  2,820,000  (71 bb)
Jessica Richards  –  Eliminated in a Tie for 9th Place  ($7,122)

The final eight players are now verifying their chip stacks for tomorrow afternoon’s final table, which will begin at 1:00 pm on stage in the ballroom. The WPT Live Stream will begin once they are down to the final six players.

Chipleader Ashley Sleeth
Photo:  That massive pot to end Day 2 propelled Ashley Sleeth to the chip lead with 2.82 million.

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