Jikov Rivers Broadway to Cripple Johnston

Feb 28, 2016

Just a few spots from the WTPDS Big Stax XV money bubble, short stack Nick Jivkov moved all-in for just under 140,000 from the hijack at Table 48. Steph Johnston, on the button, moved all-in for just over 220,000 from the button and after the blinds folded, it was a flip for more or less both player’s tournament lives.

Johnston held Club 9Diamond 9 and Jivkov turned over Heart AClub Q, needing to hit to stay alive. He did, as the board ran out Club JHeart 10Heart 2Diamond 6Club K and the short stack rivered broadway, to move himself back to a workable stack a few knockouts from the money.

Johnston on the other hand, was crippled and just hit the rail in 65th place, three spots from the money. That bubble will likely bring on hand for hand play shortly.

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