Jimmy Lee vs. Jishant Sapra

Oct 29, 2019

Jimmy Lee

Ramsey Belmaaza raises UTG+1 to 500, Jishant Sapra reraises from the button to 1,500, and Jimmy Lee (pictured) four-bets it from the big blind to 4,600. Belmaaza folds, and Sapra calls.

The flop comes Club 6Heart 5Spade 2, Lee bets 4,000, and Sapra thinks for a while before he calls.

The turn card is the Diamond 4, and both players check.

The river card is the Spade 10, Lee bets 10,600, and Sapra folds. Lee takes the pot.

Jimmy Lee  –  49,000  (245 bb)
Jishant Sapra  –  84,000  (420 bb)

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