Joe McKeehen Doubles Up

Sep 16, 2014

With several thousand chips in the pot and the board reading [As9s4h3d], the player in the small blind  checks, and Joe McKeehen bets 6,000 from late position. The other player in the hand thinks for quite a while and tries to eyeball McKeehen’s stack. He asks the dealer for a count, and McKeehen informs him that the dealer is not allowed to offer an exact count.

Eventually, the player in the small blind moves all-in, having McKeehen covered. McKeehen calls for his last 31,600 with [AcAh] for top set. He is up against [KcQd] for king-high.

The turn brings the [3d] and the river the [7s], and McKeehen’s set holds to give him the pot and the double up.

Joe McKeehen – 73,000

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