Joe Szegedy Doubles Thru Andrew Shack

Aug 27, 2014

Three players see a flop of [Kh8d5d]. Owen Crowe is in the big blind and checks, Joe Szegedy bets 55,000 from middle position, and Andrew Shack calls from the cutoff. Crowe folds.

The turn brings the [10h] and Szegedy checks. Shack bets 200,000 and Szegedy thinks for a couple of minutes before calling, leaving 137,000 behind.

The river brings the [9d] and Szegedy moves all-in.  

"Ugh," Shack laments. "Flush."

"I still have to call," he adds as he turns over his [8c8h] for a set of eights.

Szegedy does have a flush, as he shows [AdJd] to take the pot and double up again.  The whole table starts to suggest that Szegedy, who has doubled up twice in a single orbit, might just end up winning this tournament.

Joe Szegedy – 900,000 (75 bb)
Andrew Shack – 460,000 (38 bb)

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