Joe Tehan Doubles Up

Aug 26, 2014

A player in middle position raises to 2,500 and Champions Club member Joe Tehan moves all-in for his last 14,600. Another Champions Club member, Eric Hershler, is in the big blind and asks for a count for Tehan, then a count for the initial raiser, who has around 65,000.  Hershler gives it some thought, then folds. The initial raiser calls.

The two are racing, as Tehan holds [AcQc] to the other player’s [7s7d].  The [10d9s5h] flop keeps the pocket pair out front, as does the [10c] on the turn.

The river brings the [9h] though, double pairing the board and counterfeiting the pocket sevens to give Tehan the pot and the double up.

Joe Tehan – 33,000 

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