Joe Tushnet Out in 53rd Place ($8,630)

Aug 27, 2014

Richard Munro raises to 16,000 in middle position and Joe Tushnet three-bets all in for about 85,000 from the hijack. Action folds back to Munro.

"I’m probably calling. I’m not slowrolling, but I have a monster," says Munro. After about 20 seconds, he calls.

Munro: [KcKd]
Tushnet: [3d3s]

The board comes [AcQh6h5d2s], no help to Tushnet, giving Munro the pot.

Richard Munro – 1,070,000 (178 bb)
Joe Tushnet – Eliminated in 53rd Place ($8,630)

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