Joey Gargiulo Makes a Mistake Against Kristen Foxen That May Have Saved His Tournament

May 16, 2022

Joey Gargiulo
Photo:  Joey Gargiulo

Kristen Foxen raises from the button to 130,000, and Joey Gargiulo calls from the big blind.

The flop comes Diamond 10Spade 6Heart 6, Gargiulo checks, Foxen bets 85,000, and Gargiulo calls.

The turn card is the Club 3, and both players check.

The river card is the Diamond Q, Gargiulo bets 125,000, and Foxen raises to 450,000. Gargiulo misinterprets it as a call and briefly turns over his cards — Diamond KDiamond 6 — before somebody points out that he had been raised. Gargiulo asks Foxen if she had seen his hand, and she admits that she had.

So Gargiulo simply calls the 450,000 with his Diamond KDiamond 6 for trip sixes. But Foxen shows Spade 3Diamond 3 to win the pot with a full house, threes full of sixes.

Gargiulo’s mistake may have saved him some chips, because his implication is that he might have reraised if he hadn’t prematurely showed his cards.

Kristen Foxen  –  3,550,000  (59 bb)
Joey Gargiulo  – 1,000,000  (17 bb)

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