Joey Weissman Eliminated By Danny Shiff in Over a One Million Chip Pot

Nov 28, 2021

Danny Shiff

Action folds to Joey Weissman in late position, and he opens to 18,000. Danny Shiff is next to act and calls.

The flop falls X AHeart 5X 3, and Weissman bets approximately 40,000. Shiff calls.

The dealer burns and turns the Heart A, and Weissman bets 70,000. Shiff Calls.

The river Heart K completes the board, and Weissman bets 200,000 with roughly 400,000 behind. Shiff moves all-in, having Weissman covered.

Weissman goes into the tank and uses several time extensions before tossing in the call and tabling Heart QHeart 8 for the rivered flush.

Shiff tables X AX K for a full house to eliminate Weissman and move over 1.3 million chips.

Shiff: 1,380,000 (173 bbs)
Weissman: Eliminated

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