John Dibella Eliminated By Blake Bohn

Sep 16, 2014

Blake Bohn John Dibella raises on the button and Blake Bohn calls from the big blind.

The flop falls [Ad10h8h] and Bohn checks to Dibella who continues for 9,000. Bohn check-raises to 22,500, Dibella calls and the [5d] lands on the turn.

Bohn fires 61,000 and sends Dibella into the tank for about two minutes before he raises all in for about 93,000. Bohn calls with [As10s] for aces and tens and has the hand locked up against Dibella’s [Jh10c].

"How could you not raise that preflop? asks Dibella.

The [Ah] river further imrpoves Bohn to a full house, ending Dibella’s tournament.

After Dibella leaves, Bohn jokingly asks the table, "I have to raise an ace out of position?"

Blake Bohn – 644,000 (214 bb)
John Dibella – Eliminated

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