John Hennigan Gets Three Streets of Value

Mar 1, 2016

John Hennigan

On a flop of Heart ADiamond 10Heart 7, Danny Nguyen checks from the big blind and WPT Champion John Hennigan (pictured) bets 20,000 on the button. Nguyen check-calls and the turn is the Heart 9. Nguyen checks again and Hennigan bets 55,000. Nguyen check-calls again and the river is the Spade 7.

Nguyen checks for a third time and Hennigan bets 80,000. Nguyen takes a few moments in the tank and then calls. Hennigan shows Diamond ASpade J and Nguyen mucks his hand.

John Hennigan  –  790,000  (79 bb)
Danny Nguyen  –  505,000  (50 bb)

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