John Hennigan vs. Antoine Saout

May 20, 2018

Maria Ho raises to 500 from early position, Antoine Saout calls from middle position, Sam Phillips calls from the small blind, and John Hennigan calls from the big blind.

The flop comes down Club 4Spade 3Club 2, Phillips checks, Hennigan bets 1,300, Ho folds, Saout calls, and Phillips folds.

The turn is the Heart 3, Hennigan bets 3,100, and Saout calls.

The river is the Club 8, Hennigan checks, and Saout checks behind.

Hennigan shows Diamond 4Spade 4 for fours full of treys, Saout mucks, and Hennigan wins the pot.

John Hennigan – 33,000
Antoine Saout – 11,000

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