John Riordan Wins a Big One Against Justin Young

Jul 13, 2022

John RiordanPhoto:  John Riordan

With about 29,500 in the pot and the board reading Diamond AHeart 7Diamond 4Club 4, John Riordan checks from the big blind and WPT Champions Club member Justin Young bets 12,000 from the cutoff. Riordan check-raises to 45,000 and Young calls.

The river is the Club K, Riordan bets 159,500 (leaving 5,000 behind), and Young tanks for a little while before he calls.

Riordan shows Heart 10Heart 4 for trip fours, Young mucks, and Riordan wins the pot.

John Riordan  –  440,000  (176 bb)
Justin Young  –  14,000  (6 bb)

Justin YoungPhoto:  Justin Young

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