Jonathan Little Eliminated By David Ormsby to Reach the Money Bubble

Apr 8, 2017

Jonathan Little Jonathan Little elimination

David Ormsby raises from the cutoff to 18,000, and Jonathan Little (pictured) calls from the big blind. The flop comes Heart JDiamond 9Heart 5, Little checks, Ormsby bets 12,000, and Little check-raises all in for about 160,000.

Ormsby calls with Diamond JSpade 9 for two pair, jacks and nines, and Little turns over Club JClub 5 for a lower two pair, jacks and fives. Little needs to improve to stay alive.

The turn card is the Diamond 6, the river card is the Diamond A, and Ormsby wins the pot with his higher two pair to eliminate Little from the tournament two spots away from the money.

David Ormsby  –  520,000  (65 bb)
Jonathan Little  –  Eliminated in 11th Place

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