Jonathan Roy Eliminated by Matthew Wantman

Jan 31, 2017

Matthew Wantman
Photo:  Matthew Wantman

A player in early position raises to 2,000, a player in middle position calls, WPT Champions Club member Jonathan Roy reraises all in from the button for about 16,000, Matthew “Bucky” Wantman four-bet shoves for about 43,000 from the small blind, and the other players fold.

Jonathan Roy:  Spade QDiamond Q
Matthew Wantman:  Spade KDiamond K

The board comes down Heart 10Spade 7Club 2Heart KSpade 4, giving Wantman a set of kings to eliminate Roy.

Matthew Wantman  –  64,000  (80 bb)
Jonathan Roy  –  Eliminated

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