Jonathan Roy Keeps Stacking Chips

Nov 5, 2014

Yanick Gauthier raises to 900 preflop under the gun and Jonathan Roy calls on the cutoff. The flop is dealt [QcJh8d] and Gauthier checks. Roy bets 1,400 and Gauthier calls.

The turn is dealt [4d] and Roy bets 2,600 on the cutoff. Gauthier raises to 6,100 under the gun and Roy tanks for a moment before calling.

The turn falls [7c] and Gauthier bets 7,700. Roy calls and flips over [AsJs]. Gauthier is behind with [AdKd]. Roy stacks up 132,000 after the hand as he continues to build his chip lead.

Jonathan Roy -132,000 (264 bb)

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