Jordan Saccucci Eliminated in Ninth Place ($38,342 CAD)

Feb 23, 2016


Jordan Saccucci raises to 80,000 preflop from middle position and Thomas Archer calls in late position. Derek Verrian reraises to 230,000 on the hijack and Robert Forbes calls on the button. Saccucci reraises all in and Archer and Verrian fold. Forbes calls and the two players table their cards.

Forbes: Club KDiamond K
Saccucci: Club 10Heart 10

Board: Diamond 9Club 9Diamond 5Spade 10Heart K

The board is a wild ride as Saccucci turns a set of tens only to be topped by Forbes set of kings on the river. Saccucci is eliminated in ninth place, good for $38,342 CAD, and Forbes is up to 3.65 million after the hand for the chip lead.

Robert Forbes – 3,650,000 (121 bb)
Jordan Saccucci – Eliminated in Ninth Place ($38,342 CAD)

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