So far, there’s only one man dominating the early stages of this £1million Guaranteed WPT-500 at Dusk til Dawn in Nottingham.  

Table 82 has the kind of atmosphere that would make a Jay-Z afterparty look like a cup of tea round your grandparents. Terry Jordon is the reason, a whirlwind who simply refuses to leave a hand until the last card is dealt. 

He was one of three players to a flop of [Ad3c3h] and just as he’d raised to 300 pre-flop (a min-bet), he popped the same amount post-flop in the hijack position. Ross Mannion and Barry Paskin both called. The turn of [6s] slowed Jordon down, and he checked, but Paskin made a move from the button, betting 500. With 2k in the pot already, that didn’t spook Mannion or Jordon, both of whom called.

On the [5h] river, Mannion checked from the big blind, and Jordon immediately fired 4500 chips into the middle. Paskin, wearing a partypoker patch, mucked instantly. Mannion had a decision for about 20% of his chips, but, shaking his head, he couldn’t find the call. 

Terry Jordon 70,000

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