Joseph Cheong Doubles Up

Jan 10, 2020

Joseph Cheong

Ray Qartomy raises to 800 preflop from middle position, Joseph Cheong (pictured) calls on the cutoff, and Upeshka De Silva reraises to 3,500 from the big blind. Both opponents call before the flop is dealt Spade ASpade KHeart 6.

De Silva bets 3,500, and both Cheong and Qartomy call. The turn falls Spade 6, Qartomy bets 10,000, Cheong reraises all in for 26,000, and De Silva folds. Qartomy thinks for a moment before calling, and the two players turn over their cards.

Cheong: Spade 5Spade 4
Qartomy: Heart ASpade Q

River: Diamond 5

Cheong doubles up to survive with 73,800, and Qartomy holds 55,00 after the hand.

Joseph Cheong – 73,800 (246 bb)
Ray Qartomy – 55,000 (183 bb)

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