Joseph Cheong Eliminated in 64th Place by Jacob Ferro

Dec 17, 2021

Joseph Cheong

Justin Saliba raises to 18,000 from early position and Joseph Cheong (pictured) calls from the big blind.

They check to the turn of a Heart 10Spade 6Spade 5Heart J board where Cheong bets 15,000. Saliba raises to 65,000 and Cheong calls.

The river is the Spade J, Cheong checks, Saliba bets 125,000 and Cheong calls.

Saliba tables Heart KDiamond J for trip jacks, Cheong mucks and Saliba wins the pot.

Not long after, a series of raises between Cheong and Jacob Ferro culminates with Cheong all in for roughly 270,000 with Diamond AHeart K against Ferro’s Spade AClub A.

The board comes Diamond 9Diamond 3Club 2Club JHeart 6, no help to Cheong, ending his tournament in 64th place.

Jacob Ferro  –  1,100,000  (138 bb)
Justin Saliba  –  1,100,000  (138 bb)
Joseph Cheong  –  Eliminated in 64th Place  ($23,165)

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