Josh Emerton and John Apostolodis Go Head To Head

Sep 22, 2023

Josh Emerton Photo: Josh Emerton

Preflop battle builds a big pot of 7,300, big blind John Apostolodis and under the gun Josh Emerton check the flop and turn Club AHeart 8Spade 7Heart 7. On the river Diamond 7, Emerton bets 4,400, Apostolodis folds. 

Several hands later Apostolodis earns some back from Emerton. From hijack, Apostolodis raises 600, cutoff Emerton calls. At the flop Heart 10Diamond JSpade 6, Apostolodis c-bets 1,200 and is called. Both players check the turn Club 7. Apostolodis fires 4,000 on the river Club 4, Emerton gives him a stare then folds. 

John Apostolodis – 30,000 (150 bb)
Josh Emerton – 52,600 (263 bb)

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