Josh Neufeld Doubles Thru Tony Dunst

Aug 24, 2014

Last year’s fifth place finisher at the LA Poker Classic faces off against Raw Deal Correspondent Tony Dunst in a pot with 2,000 chips in the middle and a flop of [10h4c2h]. Dunst checks from middle position, Neufeld bets 1,300 from the button, and Dunst check-raises to 3,000 total.  Neufeld thinks a spell, then calls.

The turn brings the [Ks] and Dunst bets 4,600.  Neufeld calls.

The ruver brings the [4h] and Dunst bets 8,100, leaving around 15,000 behind. Neufeld moves all-infor 19,200 total. Dunst has him covered, but not by much.  

Dunst takes a minute or so before calling. Neufeld shows [KcKh] for a full house, kings full of fours, and Dunst gives a nod before mucking his cards.

Josh Neufeld – 55,000
Tony Dunst – 2,300

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