Josh Pollock Eliminated by Dan Shak

Feb 29, 2016

Dan Shak

Photo:  Dan Shak

On a flop of Spade JClub 9Spade 5, Josh Pollock checks from the small blind and Dan Shak bets 8,000 from middle position. Pollock check-raises to 23,000 and Shak instantly pushes forward a stack of chips that covers what Pollock has remaining. Pollock shakes his head, pushes the rest of his stack into the middle and is all in for about 80,000.

Shak shows Spade KDiamond K and has Pollock’s Heart KHeart J crushed. The turn is the Heart 7 and the river is the Spade Q to send Pollock to the rail as the level nears an end.

Dan Shak  –  315,000  (131 bb)
Josh Pollock  –  Eliminated

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