Josias Santos Doubles Through Kristen Bicknell

Nov 28, 2021

Kristen Bicknell

Thao Yang opens to 26,000 from early position, and action folds to Josias Santos on the button, and he calls. Kristen Bicknell (Pictured) is in the big blind and calls.

The flop falls Diamond ADiamond 9Diamond 8 and action checks to Santos who bets 30,000. Bicknell check-raises to 125,000, and Yang folds. Santos moves all-in for 138,000 total, and Bicknell calls.

Bicknell: Heart ASpade 8
Santos: Heart 9Spade 9

Bicknell flops top and bottom pair while Santos flops middle set. The turn Spade 6 and the river Spade Q completes the board and Santos doubles.

Santos: 372,000 (31 bbs)
Bicknell: 604,000 (50 bbs)

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