Julio Belluscio Doubles Thru Barry Shulman

Nov 5, 2014

Julio Belluscio
Julio Belluscio (pictured) raises under the gun to 2,500, Barry Shulman calls from the small blind, and Grant Lang calls from the big blind.

The flop comes [Ks4h2s], and action checks to Belluscio, who bets 1,800. Shulman check-raises to 6,800, and Lang folds. Belluscio reraises to 12,300, and Shulman four-bets it to 36,800. Belluscio thinks for a short while before he calls.

The turn card is the [3d], and Shulman quickly says, "All in." Belluscio snap-calls, and Shulman says, "Oops."

Shulman shows [KhQs] for a pair of kings, and Belluscio turns over [4c4d] for a set of fours. Shulman is drawing dead.

The meaningless river card is the [Jd], and Belluscio wins the pot with his set of fours to double up in chips.

Julio Belluscio  –  315,000  (262 bb)
Barry Shulman  –  34,000  (28 bb)

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