Just Like That... Little Wins the Mirage Poker Showdown

May 23, 2007

By: Tony Berns

After posting a ‘Slow Pace’ piece a few minutes ago, both players then pushed all-in on two of the next three hands, both having Ax each time. The first push ended in a chopped pot. Fortunately, for Little the second time around, his [As2s] connected on the flop while Carroll was in with the better [Ah7d] pre-flop. When a deuce landed on the flop, Little took the lead. When another deuce fell on the turn, he locked up the victory here at the Mirage Poker Showdown. As we all know, poker is a game where fortunes can change at the turn of a card.

Congratulations to Jonathan Little for winning the Showdown and taking home $1,091,795.

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