Ka Kwan Lau Doubles Through Isaac Baron

Mar 4, 2020

Ka Kwan Lau

Ka Kwan Lau (pictured) raises to 55,000 from the hijack, Isaac Baron three-bets to 185,000 from the big blind and Lau calls.

The flop is Heart KSpade 6Spade 7, Baron continues for 125,000 and Lau calls.

The turn is the Heart 7 and both players check.

The river is the Spade 5 and Baron uses a time extension before he shoves for effectively 510,000. Lau calls all in instantly.

Baron shows Diamond AClub K for kings and sevens, but Lau tables Heart ASpade A for aces and sevens to win the pot and double up.

Ka Kwan Lau – 1,680,000
Isaac Baron – 1,620,000

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